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Know What You Don't!

  • Lavender comes from the same family as mint.

  • The scent of lavender deters mice, flies, mosquitoes and other pests from the area. Thus, lavender acts as a natural bug repellent.

  • In the language of flowers, lavender can mean devotion, luck, success, happiness.

  • Back in the Elizabethan times, when baths weren't common practice, lavender was used to perfume clothes and bed linen.

  • Lavender helps you falling asleep.

  •  Lavender scent produces calming effect, makes you happy and helps in relaxation.

  • Lavender scent is used commonly for aromatherapy.

  • Eucalyptus and spearmint belong to the mint family.

  • These mints are supposed to provide a cooling effect.

  • They are very good with sinuses.

  • They are often used for aromatherapy because of their soothing and relaxing effect.

  • Candles were invented circa 3000 BC.

  •  For thousands of years, up to the 1900s, candles were the primary source of light in darkness.

  • Nine out of ten candle users say they use candles to make a room feel comfortable or cozy.

  • Candle purchasers view candles as an appropriate gift for the holidays (76%), as a house warming gift (74%), a hostess/dinner party gift (66%), a thank you (61%) and as adult birthday gifts (58%).

  • Candle manufacturers' surveys show that 96% of all candles purchased are bought by women.

  • Candle users say they most frequently burn candles in the living room (42%), followed by the kitchen (18%) and the bedroom (13%).

  • The earliest scented candles were from India and were composed of cinnamon.

  • Candles have historically been used to symbolize spiritual illumination, philosophical enlightenment, scientific education, and moral guidance.

  • Consumers are increasingly purchasing candles as a focal point for their home decor, and for aromatherapy-like relaxation and stress reduction.

  • You can always reuse the containers as planters, pen holders, home accent and various other purposes once your candle runs out.

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