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Oakmoss, Amber & Musk Reed Diffuser
  • Oakmoss, Amber & Musk Reed Diffuser

    Although this scent has an universal appeal with rich woody and musk base notes yet has an enchanting fusion of herbs and amber that give it a feminine touch too.
    Note Profile:
    Top – Fresh, herbal, orange
    Middle – Rose, oakmoss, grapefruit
    Bottom – Sandalwood, blonde woods, amber, musk, tonka

    • Dimensions

      the bottle is 4.25" in height with 1" of head space.


    • Care/Instructions

      A very low maintenance product, does not require constant attention. Each diffuser lasts upto 6 months. Comes with 8 rattan reeds that are naturally harvested and precisely cut to make sure even scent throw throughout the time. 

      • Flip reeds every 2-3 weeks to get an instant boost of fragrance.
      • Do not light the reeds.
      • Keep away from pets and children.
      • Do not ingest.
      • Do not get in direct contact of freshly painted, wood or leather surfaces.
      • Few reeds can be removed if a lghter scent is desired. 8 reeds work just fine. Remember, more the reeds, faster the diffuser runs out.
      • Keep away from direct heat.
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